Ryurik Shukov

Ryurik, of Alyeska
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scent: Pine and loganberries eye color: Boasts fiery orange which contrasts with icy blue
pelt color: Grey tones, cloaked and socked with dirty charcoal markings: Darkened mask, spine, and top of tail. Stockings are covered in soot
Born out of dust and ash, this bulky man is masked with charcoal which cloaks down the spine, its hues leading as far down to the tip of the large tail that wavers constantly in preparation for snarky and smartass remarks. As if he had played within burnt soot as a pup; remnants of blackened dust permanently mark his legs with cinder residue, providing warm stockings on all four legs. Ebony furs sparsely occupy its host, a trait common among the species. Sides cloaked with smoke completes the greyscale man, giving him a dark, and almost mysterious look. Robust and muscular, he uses his weight to overcome his enemies or opponents in battle as a thick, soft, year-round coat provides extra protection against bite wounds and claw marks.

Despite the seemingly lackluster colors, darkened expressions are illuminated with a raging fire between fire and ice. Orange amber dominates the right eye, while a chilling blue stirs within the left. Though standing posture is often strong and proud, and even sometimes too cocky, his movements mimic a creature that slinks through the night in search of its next meal. He often wears a mask of some other man entirely, generally drawing in the simple-minded youths with a welcoming demeanor and charm. The thin painted black line is only the beginning of his stage performance. Voice is coarse and fairly deep, heavily accented with uncommon intonations, though the common tongue is well known to the man.

Still fairly young, only a few scars are riddled across the body, though are hidden away under the thick coat. Teeth are cleanly white, displaying further youth to any who sees the cocky smile. Physical strength is the main aspect of the well-defined body, but it comes at the toll of having little agility – preferring to be more forceful in fights than tactical. But be warned, appearance does not always show everything.



Strategic - Although often seen as cocky, Ryurik has learned to use strategy for any fights that might occur. The grey male does not simply run in without a direct plan.

Candid - Whether it's considered a strength or not could be argued, but those within his old pack admire straightforwardness when it comes to dealing with others.

Adaptable - Often finding himself in many different situations, the man has learned to adapt to situations both socially and physically.

Empathetic - During the better times, Ryurik can be seen as rather empathetic to those he is close to, feeling rather down when a close friend is too.

Loyal - Down to the teeth, this grey wolf will follow his closest companions into battle if it's what's needed. Once a friend, always a friend.


Boastful - Cocky and rather loud sometimes, Ryurik often likes to tell others how he ran off that one cougar, or how he bested a stronger wolf with ease.

Competitive - Liking to win, heterochromia eyes are always set on gaining that first place, doing whatever it takes to do so.

Greedy - Once something is within his grasp, the word sharing is all but a foggy mess; whether it's food, territory, or even friends, Ryurik likes to keep things to himself.

Reserved - Although straightforward, there are many secrets that are kept for only him to know, and the male feels rather strongly keeping it that way.

Impatient - When time ticks, so does the mind of the masked man, feeling irritated with each second that passes with nothing happening.


Time goes forward, and never back. Minutes pass, days disappear, and years are all but a faded memory. Never looking behind, the masked male is seen going forward with as much strength that can be mustered from his naturally bulky frame - genes coming from a northern pack that fights the cold weather for many months out of the year. Chaotic neutral would be the best alingment to throw this foreigner into, found being rather sarcastic, greedy, cocky, and blunt with his words. Due to the more harsher conditions of the past pack, he does not trust others very easily, but once a friend is made, that friend has one of the best buddies they could ever ask for, for this masked man will follow close friends to the end of the world, ready to fight their battles. Ice and fire burn the inner soul, and raise a strong fighting spirit from within if a family or fellow mate is ever harmed.

Once something special is within the paws of the heterochromia male, he holds to it dearly, often not sharing smaller kills that are made, or a secret that has been given. Patience is rather little, and one must not dawdle with Ryurik around, or they'll get to see just how clean his teeth are. Although fierce, the idea of rushing head first into battle is often overlooked, usually scanning over the target and coming up with a quick strategic advantage before-hand. The foreigner is quick to mold with the environment, being highly adaptable to almost any terrain and weather (except the heat, which he falters quickly in). Socially, the man can be seen sometimes changing personality to help accommodate special events such as pack meetings, or an important romp with a friend.

Despite there being many bad qualities about the charcoal sooted male, empathy is one that still resides deep inside, though it is sometimes used sparingly depending on the situation. The warrior tends to hold a special place in his heart for damaged wolves, often understanding the trifles that they've gone through (or tries to, if he simply doesn't), but will be quick to anger if the fellow wolf shows no gratitude for that special help. One must be careful to avoid the snarky, playful, and sometimes, serious attitude of the darkened soul.


Born with two other brothers, Ryurik found himself in a strong, and adaptable pack, the weather constantly cold and harsh for the majority of the year. While the mother was not particularly special among the ranks, his father was a strong, yet harsh warrior who made sure that the pack's safety was in order. While the masked man was not fond of the father figure that was given to him, he was very close to his mother and tried his best to appease her, having gained the empathy that she was well known for. At the year mark, both brothers set off on their own journey, along with a few others. They were not seen as traitors, but the rest of the pack were not very happy of their leaving. The foreign multi-colored male grew in strength and learned to fight and hunt in order to prepare him for an upper rank that would serve him well for the remainder of his life. Unfortunately, this would not come to be.

At the age of two, a deep desire to wander was stronger than the wish to stay beside his beautiful mother. With a quick goodbye, the male disappeared into that one cold night, never to be seen by the rest of the pack again. Many lands were seen, and many new skills were learned. He had completely grown, bearing a thicker structure, useful for giving a final bite to prey, or to bulldoze those of smaller structure. Many wolves were met, but he continued on to see the world, bi-colored eyes laying sights on some of the most beautiful wonders of the world. Eventually, Ryurik had wandered onto a particularly special area; snow capped mountains towering over everything, the rivers clean with fish, and the plains vast and full of life. This would be the home that he would settle in.

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