Sigyn Nanuk

Sigyn, Theta of Duranos
This wolf is a member of Duranos
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scent: sea salt and fresh morning dew. eye color: Glacial Blue.
pelt color: A combination of greys, charcoals, and creams. markings:

Sigyn is an ordinary wolf, composed of an array of grays and whites, comparable to that of the many granite rock faces that litter Alyeska’s mountainsides. She wears a mask of cold indifference, rarely ever betraying a hint of emotion from behind the mask she wears. Her eyes are of equal measure to the cold and indifferent mask she wears; the shade of a pale, glacial blue. She possesses a physique not unlike any other wolf. Sigyn is of ordinary height and weight with lean muscles decorating every inch of her body. She was once a thin and ungraceful creature, but has since trained and adapted her body to move with a simple, strong, and collected kind of grace.



She is loyal to those she calls “friend”, and will often do whatever they may ask without question or hesitation. Though, if her loyalty is misused in anyway, she is very quick to throw her “friends” to the wilds.

She believes in herself to do what is absolutely necessary, for the good of herself, for the good of her family, and for the good of Duranos. She is incapable of placing faith in in a single leader, ideology, or person. She is only capable of placing faith in self-perseverance for the sake of preserving the life of others.

She is not quick to give up in a cause, and will continue to fight any obstacles thrown at her, no matter the difficulty.


Sigyn is not an easily persuaded wolf. She is stuck in her ways, and unwilling to change for anyone. She believes that what she does, is for the greater good in benefit of her family and people, even if it means, they’ll hate her for it.

Emotionally Distant
Sigyn is not quick to share her thoughts and feelings, which makes it difficult for her to advance relationships.

Her trust lies within very few people. It is unknown whether it’s due to the society she was brought up in or if it’s just a trait she naturally inherited. She is quicker to believe the words of her family than she is a stranger, and even then Sigyn remains slightly skeptical unless she’s witnessed something with her own eyes.

She is not quick of tongue, and believes trickery and manipulation to be child’s play; a game that the weak and inept play in order to avoid confrontation. This can often lead Sigyn into complications when leading diplomatic pursuits.


She is a woman which lacks faith in the people that surround her. Instead, she places her faith within herself. Though, let this not be mistaken, Sigyn does not stand upon a pedestal and proclaim herself an otherworldly figure. Rather, she believed in herself — and only herself — to do what is absolutely necessary; for the survival of herself, and the survival of those she holds dear. She is incapable of placing her trust within the hands of strangers or the self-proclaimed.

Sigyn is a distant and withdrawn, often observing those around her, before she is quick to act or speak. She rarely engages in conversations with others, but instead, allows her actions to speak for her. As well, Sigyn is more than willing to put those who step out of line, back where they belong. Making her a potentially great commander or militant advisor for her tribe. Sigyn is loyal, but her loyalty lays within a select few. Above all, her loyalty lies with Duranos, and her family and friends. She would do nothing to betray them, and does not tolerate the notion of it being whispered from ear to ear.


Born and raised within Duranos, Sigyn knows little else outside of her tribe. There are others, this much is certain; Ounamis, Vaehlus, and perhaps, a few others lingering within the white, but all of them are small and insignificant when compared to her tribe.

From a young age, Sigyn was taught the many value and traditions her tribe upheld, and was always told to never stray from them. Her father, being a major influence in her life, taught Sigyn and her siblings everything they could hope to know. He taught them how to hunt, how to track prey, and most importantly, how to defend themselves from those who sought to inflict harm. Her father was her provider; her protector; her teacher; and she clung to his every word like gospel — never daring to stray from it. Her father was a kind man, and treated each of his children with equal adoration, kindness, and respect.

He shaped them into the men and women they are today. Trained them to be the warriors, hunters, and defenders, that they were each capable of becoming.

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Radiant, Vitiligo, Spikes, Fire, Water