Remington James Seymore

Remington, Loner of Alyeska
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scent: black walnut eye color: emerald
pelt color: brown markings: dark face mask, socks, and tail tip
A man of astounding size, Remington is as bulky and muscular as they come. He towers over most others and retains the build of a tank, which hinders his speed and agility. However, that doesn't take from him his steady balance and brute strength. Scars mar this body, but only lightly. Most are easily covered by his pelt.

Cloaking his beefy form is a thick coat of all shades of brown. His primary hue however is a khaki color, which is shadowed by a darker milk chocolate shade at his sides, limbs, face, and chest. Over all of that though, is a dark, nearly black brown that masks his face, ears, neck legs, and the very tip of his tail. There's also hints of it along his side and lower chest. Peering from that dark mask are two bright emeralds.


RJ does not currently possess any mutations.


POLITE : In any given situation, even when he's pissed, Remington is as polite as can be. Having been groomed to be Alpha of his birth Tribe, such was a requirement. This is a trait he's clung onto over the years, and a point of much teasing from his former Tribe.

EQUABLE : RJ is the type of character that won't get ruffled very easily. He's generally the picture of calm and collected, unless someone decides to poke the wrong button. You can disrespect him and try to fight him all you want, but once you go after those he values most, that's when he'll crack. Even then, he doesn't tend to show his anger outwardly, but in his actions following.

SINCERE : This brute is not the kind to lie about who he is or what he feels. Remington is someone that thrives on being honest and not hiding his true self. Everything RJ says is from the heart, even if it's not what the other party wants to hear. Of course small exceptions are made, like when his life depends on him tricking his enemies with a few deceptions.


STUBBORN : There's not much anyone can do about stopping Remi when he's got his mind set on something. He's a man of action and his word, and once he's settled on an idea he finishes it to the best of his capabilities. Remington is also prone to arguing a point to death, which can get pretty annoying.

UNFORGIVING : After being wronged once, Remington will forever mistrust another. He simply can't get the memories of betrayal out of his mind. And once he's cast a relationship aside, all emotions toward them are cut, meaning there's no mending what was lost. He has no interest in associating with people he can't trust.

WARY : Having been burned in the past, RJ is rather wary in pursuing friendships. He doesn't want to be led astray again, or stabbed in the back. This often means distancing himself from those around him when things get too serious, as it tends to frighten him.


One will note immediately that Remington is quite a reserved creature. He takes time to consider his surroundings and who he's speaking with before uttering what he may think. However that does not necessarily mean he's the sort to sugar-coat his beliefs on a matter. No, the brute is as honest as one may be without becoming blunt. Most of Remington’s thoughts are generally laid out for others to take or leave as they please. Lies and manipulation aren't quite the male's cup of tea.

Disagreements, in his eyes, are better spoken through thoroughly and considered in all perspectives rather than immediately transitioning into aggression. Always the calm and collected individual, RJ hesitates to utilize violence as a means to an end unless it is apparent that nothing else will get through to the other party. Even then, he only exerts the amount of force necessary to deal with the issue and nothing more. He has tired of the constant aggression of his past and prefers a more peaceful existence, if it can be helped.

Remington is a man of pride and respect. He is polite to all, even when the other party isn't particularly as kind. However his pride can very much make him stubborn. He will argue a point until it’s argued to death and will never turn his back on someone he thinks may need his help. RJ doesn’t intend to contribute to the death of more innocents if he can help it.


Remington James Seymore was born to a Tribe of the genteel sort, always looking to back the underdog and quash those that created havoc. While none were perfect, they did their best to maintain a peaceful existence, unless their sense of justice needed to be enforced. He was the son of the Alpha, and therefore expected to be one of the most devout in their quest to rid the lands of scum. This was a belief taught to him since birth, and something he believed he was designed to uphold.

It was at two years old that RJ was shown what cruelty the world had to offer. His pack had caught the attention of a few of the more cunning and murderous Tribes in the land, and earned their rage through the beating of several of their members. As such, a raid was planned against them. They were horrifically outnumbered, and despite his fighting tooth and nail, Remington was left with a sparse few of his pack mates left. Those unlucky few were taken prisoner and named Omegas, to be treated as the lowest of the low.

A year passed, RJ being beaten for trying to rise up against his so-called superiors, and eventually fighting his way into a rank. His perception of the world was sobered throughout that time. It wasn’t a simple or realistic task to rid the world of those that created havoc. He began to simply live as was required to survive, slaughtering dozens in his grasp for power, and to maintain safety. As a man from that genteel pack, and the son of that Alpha, RJ was hard-pressed to break. They wanted him to shatter and let himself be broken by their cruelty and challenges, but it only hardened him.

Eventually Remington had proven to change from a child hopeful of a world converted to sunshine to a man hardened by experience and revered for his fortitude. It was then that he would make his strike against the Alpha. Challenging him to a match of death, he would come out the victor, with the bastard’s throat in his jaws and wounds weeping crimson. After being patched up by the shaman and hailed the new Alpha, he’d toss the rank in the Tribe’s face and leave them to pick up their own pieces.

Thus began Remington’s trek into the wintery lands of Alyeska.

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