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Rowtag, Theta of Ounamis
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scent: Smoke & Ceder eye color: Fiery Gold
pelt color: Black, Streaked with variations of Gray/ markings: Varying shades of gray tick his coat along his shoulders and back, making him look as if he has been dusted with ash.
The beast is tainted a brilliant shade of onyx, his lush coat littered with stray variations of gray. Which starts at his broad crown, distinct ticks furrow his brows as they taint his broad cheeks. The expanse of his the nape of his neck is littered with them, along with the varying ticks down his spine and across his broad shoulders. Giving the beast the appearance of being dusted with ash. His ominous coat drawn tight over copious muscles, built to withstand the weights of battle, though agile enough to maneuver far easier then his larger counterparts. The beast is a force to reckon with, broad shoulders hold a thick neck, topped by a broad blocky crown. Triangular ears set wide atop his crown, battered and torn in tendencies of war, his right ear holds the most damage, tattered and pierced by teeth, two separate pairs of holes litter the flesh of his ear, one giving way to tear through the cartilage. Leaving a nick two inches long near the base. Scars line his jowls, zig-zagging across the bridge of his nose and nicking the tip of his obsidian nose. From broad shoulders a short back expands the rest of his mass, leading to broad hips, a deep rib-cage and thick gut. Broad legs carry the mass of the beast on large paws, equipped with jagged black-iron like nails. The pads of his feet are calloused and worn, thwarted in a dark grey skin. A lush tail adorns his rump, thick and littered with silver ticking. His most striking feature is a pair of molten eye's, a bright orange outlines the iris, flecking into a vibrant gold as a deep amber rings the pupil. His gaze is like that of a wild fire, primal, and reckless.


Rowtag has yet to acquire any mutations.


Cunning - Manipulative - sophisticated - Determined - Ritualistic

Power Hungry - Senile - Delusional - Suffers from a variation of Schizophrenia - Unstable


A vibrant fierceness lays within the molten gaze that peers from a hardened facade. Such a wildness that it seeps like poison into his very being. A vague primal need to only survive, to live, to murder. There is a darkness that lingers deep within, a faltering point within the mind. Struggling to be released and only truly witnessed when he is facing a foe. Rowtag is the exact definition of genuine pervasive patterns of cruel, demeaning, and aggressive behavior; he who gets his satisfaction from intimidating, coercing, hurting, and humiliating others. Aside from this Rowtag holds himself with a rather mad man "noble" respect, his words flow freely ( some times incoherently ) with a sophisticated ( lunatic like ) air. Though Rowtag can be quite the manipulative liar. He seeks to do nothing but destroy ( torment ) any and all in his path. One would also say that he is as mad as the proverbial hatter. Giving that Rowtag is the true definition of a wolf in sheep's clothing. Designed to be nothing but a ruthless and unmerciful killer; though at an early age the voices had began to plague him; his mind was breaking, merging into a ravenous split, so delicate and fragile but oh so destructive.. Enabling his mind to drift onto the edge of insanity, one could often see him laughing or conversing with himself while he is in a good mood, though once the beast falls silent, one best watch it. He truly is a complicated soul, may the gods be with you when you encounter this fiend. For something lingers within the depths, something that is far more primal than the very blood that flows through his veins.


Slowly muffled sounds had seemed to weave themselves into the closed folds of the newborn pup’s ears, sounds that only seemed to sooth his frantic heart. Nosing around, the small bundle of fur had begun to fumble around, ambling across his three siblings. Stumbling somewhat over two of his brothers; Qethsegol, the oldest had grunted in protest, while Koor, the middle pup whined against his mother’s soft belly fur. Though Iiz, the smallest of the four wobbled her little head as high as her feeble body would allow her to. All the while Rowtag had strained to cover ground as quickly as he could. Blindly he searched for his mother’s teat. Finally the small bundle of fur had reached his destination, the warmth that was his mother. Nuzzling into her lush fur he searched endlessly for that teat, unsure of where to look. His tiny cold nose sniffed frantically for that precious life source. Finally his fuzzy muzzle had found it, suckling; he drank, feeding his ravenous hunger. Softly he whined against his mother’s warm flesh as he pressed his tiny black paws attempting to milk her. Softly his mother hummed to them, her melodious voice was the only thing that could relate to him as being comfort. Quickly after his meal, Rowtag had drifted off into a restless slumber. Twitching his little body contorted into harsh movements. His ears had begun to twitch along with his petite legs, flailing like a mad animal. His dreams already were harsh. Raging; a storm had overcome his twisting thoughts, grappling already at what little he had known of this world. Hard whimpers left the male pups body as he dreamed. Softly his mothers’ muzzle dug into his fluff, attempting with her lullaby to soothe his contorting body. And slowly it succeeded, quickly his body flushed in a rampant flow of warmth, allowing his minuscule frame to rest.

Months had passed as Rowtag grew; his once feeble frame now towered greatly over his siblings. Though as he aged there was one thing that had begun to grow noticeable. There had been something off about the boy, his train of thought struggling to focus. His attention span was limited far more so then his siblings, he was always found aloof, drifting away from what they knew as reality. He had struggled with it, pleaded with his mother about the things he seen, felt, even heard. But sadly she was unable to offer him comfort on the deal, eventually with the things racking feverishly at his mind his mother had thrown him aside, bidding him evil due to the Ethyr, cursing him along the way. Departing from what little family he knew he ventured out into the white. Soon he would find another, a more welcoming brute, by the name of Bjorn. Someone who almost envied his situation. Roughly at the age of 1 Rowtag had helped aid in his mother and father's murder. After his parent's deaths did he finally see the gods blessing they had bestowed upon him as the gift of "seer". The voices had soon began to grow clearer, plaguing him, edging his mind further into that slow insanity. Enslaved, Rowtag was taken in by the band's medicine woman. While the Medicine woman was also a slave within the band she had secretly taught Rowtag about herbs, although his knowledge is limited. With the signs worsening with his "Seer" capabilities Bjorn had assigned him to Floki, the bands so called witch doctor to teach him his ways. By the time the boy grew into early adulthood and nearly grown he was separated completely from everyone, including Floki, whom had grown to become a father to him and assigned him to Bjorn's army, beaten into a fierce and nearly unmatched warrior, this life was all he knew. Kill or be killed. Some time after completing his training within Bjorn's army, he had become his most prized warrior earning him Bjorn's last name. Though shortly afterward Rowtag had poisoned the band, save for himself and Floki allowing for their merciless escape, back into the white.

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Mutations Radiant Feathers Quills Fangs Horns Long fur Claws Elements Fire