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scent: Pine and Sand eye color: Golden
pelt color: Black and Gray markings: Mask
**I know it's broken. I don't know the dimensions. Hinsutr’s body type is anything but sturdy. He has long limbs, spidery in appearance and look as if they can split in two by the gentle breath of a breeze. Atop the thin and feeble appendages sit his slim body. His ribcages, though he can eat like a wolf gone hungry, poke from his sides like ridges. His stomach curves at the end, meeting the top of his hind legs just barely. The cheekbones Hinsutr holds are very exaggerated in his sunken, hollow face. The man’s golden eyes are bright and lively in the depth of darkness that surrounds them, flecks of gray also apparent in the colorization. His ears are actually quite big for such a small, rounded head. They meet at a round tip, and coating the skin is black fur. Hinsutr’s black colored face, a mask, stretches from cheek to cheek and down his muzzle, brushing the brows just barely. As for the rest of the body, it is nothing but a dark gray, a few shades off from black. An exception may serve for the back of his legs where the fur hardly grows, where it is a pale off-white hue. Panning to the backside of the wolf is where his thick, burly tail sits, constantly sitting high and alert by the man’s own will. The black wolf's paw pads are surprisingly a light brown, sandy color if someone truly wanted to push the color detection. To the less obvious marks upon the canine’s body, Hinsutr has scars along his pelvic regions and under his stomach. They are from a fox scurry he was involved in during 5 months old. Around his left side of the body lay a bare patch of fur, where fur just decided it would not like to grow. Speaking of fur, the man’s pelt is very thick and warm, as he was born in snow ridden lands.



The young man, despite his age, is extremely brave. He's down to do anything, perhaps because he hasn't been exposed to any real dangers despite a few scuffles between other wolves and small mammals. Hinsutr sees no reason to be afraid, and will dive headfirst into risk.
Talking, he lives for it! This is a way for others to express themselves, whether it be a hot debate or a loving speech. As long as it isn't depressing, the man will love to hear what you have to say, and will surely give his two cents.
When he says he can do something on his own, he can. Mainly because he wants to fit the standards of the other males further down the road, where the call of this trait is very apparent. He's very keen on having a family, and raising it without having to ask others for assistance in hunting or fighting.

If he thinks something is wrong or off about a certain belief or law, that's that. Its final. Though Hinsutr will listen to the other side of the story, he will never change change his own thoughts about it. The boy will always stick to his gut no matter what, perhaps a bit embarrassed to give way.
This trait can stretch from flat out nasty remarks to a spew of curse words. He's got no filter when it comes to an angry or passionate mood about a topic. Half the time he doesn't even realize his consistent use of foul language.
Hinsutr does not understand the limits of others. He expects everyone to act just like he is, and be ready for anything thrown at them. When they fail to please him, the boy is disappointed and will continue to try and coax them into doing whatever it is he likes.


Like everyone, Hinsutr is not perfect. The man holds his charms, and his flaws. What one would expect to see from him depends on the personality of the other.

“For the love.. do not bore me.”
To run to Hinsutr (without a strong bond) and confess a sob story expecting him to listen and elicit advice or comfort is not what one will receive in return. He does not care for the emotions of strangers or those he’s conversed little with. He is here for a good time, not a long time, and wants every moment to be just perfect. The way he came to this viewpoint on life would lie in the fault of his father. Perhaps he has taken his little words of advice too literal.

“It's what I want.”
The man does not care for what is right, or what is wrong. He cares only for how it makes him feel in that given time and how he can advance upon it. He'd rather go big than go home, and has no desire to live life caged in a world of don't do this and do that's. What if that does not apply in the afterlife? Hinsutr does as he pleases, and until the God's themselves come to deliver their judgement, the wolf will not stop.

“Sorry.. What?”
Hinsutr can appear as absent either from the lack of interest in a conversation or simply because he actually is. Things are running in and out of his head constantly, sometimes to the point where he can't even focus on a single thing. Not that the thoughts are bad, just along the lines of what he should eat, what he should do, etc. However, if he doesn't like where the conversation is going, the boy has no problem showing rudeness by averting eye contact, yawning, and even using his absence to his advantage.

“Nothing but the truth.”
If something is bothering Hinsutr, he is sure to let them know, and not in the most sensitive way. Not that he means to say things that are curt, it just comes out that way, and if gives the lad a hard time to connect with others. Whether he feels guilt or not is solely dependent on the relations with the other.


(Not a finalized version of his history.. I just don't know what to do with him.)

“If it bothers you so much, then come with me.”

He invited, but his voice gave way of the unwelcoming emotion that was burrowed in his heart.
His sister would stare on at her brother, large youthful eyes wide for a moment, before falling back to the mud ground, clearly shocked by Hinsutr’s shallow reply. She was in disbelief that this was the day he decided to step away from his old pack, and start his own life. Selfish, she damned him, for having no second thoughts of what he would be leaving behind. Family, friends, his own dignity.

But that's not how Hinsutr felt. His pack was so controlling, unhealthy for a reckless wolf that liked to do as he please. He's restricted from even playful spars, speaking his negative thoughts, and even trying to explore the world of love, ‘cause the elders fear it will only bring negative spirits. So what does he do? He does everything behind their back, until he grows tired, and is ready to take his leave for good. Don't get him wrong, this wasn't some horrid lifestyle he truly needed to flee, he did it because there was a window of opportunity, and him being an opportunist, was not going to pass on the offer.

Once the two fell into a battle of glares and tension, it wasn't until Caiet lowers her body did the brother feel satisfied. Finally, an obstacle out of the way of this journey.

He was unable to feel the sadness that she did, and instead of sharing a quick word or two of promises to return, Hinsutr would nod, and trekked down to be on his way. To his instant regret, the sister rolled herself down the small hill, once again, becoming a nuisance for the eager lad. Gritting his teeth, the raven colored wolf could take no more of this soppy mess that's become of his kin.
“Would you quit?”

He spat over his shoulder once walking around her, purposely dragging his paws over the lass’s body to subtly kick her.


It's the last thing he spoke to her, and now that he stands, ready to cross worlds into a life of his own. The taste of freedom on his tongue coaxing the wolf to continue on was irresistible, and instead of turning around to properly settle things with the young girl, he was off to fend for himself.

Did he feel bad? Of course. Was he going to let it stop him? No. This was a new start, a new feel, a new soul, and what was once the tarnished past is nothing but a constant reminder to try and slow him down.

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