No amount of wisdom could have prepared us; no amount of strength could have delayed our plunder; no amount of warmth will bring our dead back to life.

This land has not always been encased in ice. Survival has not always been the people’s priority, and they have not always been callous to the suffering of the world around them. There was a time once cherished for its jubilation and its weightlessness, but that era has since come to an end. A new chapter has dawned upon us -- one of silence and cold -- and it threatens to consume us all.

Only the elders remember its light, white hot across the crystalline skies of our home. It is they that remember the fire that followed in its wake; they who remember the screams; they who lost their tribes and they who were set aflame.

But all of us still bear the aftermath of The Falling. The fires have choked and the enduring embers have been smothered, but this land is not the same as it used to be. An unfathomable force has been disturbed, disrupted, knocked out of equilibrium. From the ashes of our destruction rises something far more insidious than flame.

Our world has plummeted into an ageless winter. Famine and despair run rampant throughout our homes. Family members are disappearing and others are devoured by grotesque mutations. Now, a single question hangs over us all: will we conquer our new lives… or will we fade Into the White?

Welcome to Into the White! We are an advanced to literate, fantasy canine rpg. Our world is currently set in a winter stricken, post apocalyptic world, where our canine characters are struggling to adapt and survive. Life within Alyeska is not as it used to be and some fear that it will only change for the worse. Try as they may, they cannot leave Alyeska for better prospects, for if they journey into the white, they may never return.

We hope you enjoy the story here and that you have fun playing and developing your characters in an unstable world. We hope to make ITW a close-knit family of writers that are opening and inviting to all.

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The tribes here follow the general dominance patterns you find in everyday wolf packs. Although wolves here have learned the basic principles of morality, language, herbology, etc. they still cling to the hierarchy that the first wolves practiced.

Tribes generally consist of a large family unit. However, wolves unrelated by blood are not an uncommon occurrence within hierarchies. Due to the lack of unrelated blood within tribes, marriages are often arranged with wolves of other tribes as a result. These marriages can be thought of acts of good will to strengthen tribe relations, though this isn't always the case. Overall, tribe structure is not a complex entity and each rank can be further explained below.

Eldra are the elders of the tribe and although they are not the face of leadership, they provide their Alphas with great insight, and wisdom and are highly regarded by all members of a tribe.

An Alpha consists of a singular wolf that dictates all tribe affairs. However, it is not uncommon for a mated Alpha Pair to rule a tribe together.

Betas are the second in command within tribe hierarchy and should the Alphas leave to meddle in foreign affairs, the Betas will often remain in their homelands to lead the tribe in their stead. As well, should an Alpha fall due to wounds or illness, it is the Beta who will be next in line to lead their tribe.

The Shamna is the spiritual guide and main healer of the tribe. They are believed to possess a strong connection with the spiritual realm and can communicate with fallen tribe-mates. As a result, they often dispose of the dead and lead spiritual rituals.

Gammas are proven warriors of the tribe; they are far more physically proficient in acts of combat and strategy above all others. Though there are usually only a few, Gammas are the first to fight on the front lines of tribe combats before any other rank.

Thetas are the subordinates within a tribe hierarchy and those to possess this rank may have a multitude of tasks which range from: hunting, fishing, gathering, fighting, and healing.

Zetas are the pups and adolescents of a tribe that are still learning about the different tasks they will be responsible for once they become a Theta. Additionally, newcomers to join the tribe are given this rank until they prove themselves or are trained to take on other tasks.

Omegas are the lowest rank within a tribe hierarchy. They are the ones that have become prisoners during times of war and famine. It is the Omega that will receive the smallest rations, if given the privilege of any food at all.

Rituals and Traditions
Each tribe follows core fundamentals and their rituals and traditions represent those fundamentals. While each tribe may have the same principles that structure their hierarchy, they may have their own ways of practicing these rituals and traditions, which makes them unique to that tribe alone. As well, tribes may have their own separate rituals and traditions which represent different things. Some of the main rituals/traditions found throughout the tribes can be shown and further explained below.

The Naming Ceremony is a prestigious ritual that bestows a title upon a character, from the whole of their tribe, in accordance with their actions and achievements; e.g. “Warden of the North.” Eldras are often known to give blessings to the title before it ultimately becomes part of a character’s legacy.

The aspect of love among the natives is often believed to be a gift worth sharing. Love is exchanged with multiple partners, but when two souls feel an inseparable connection some feel obligated to bind their heart to a partner ‘til the end of their days. Such unions are deemed sacred and are widely celebrated throughout the tribes. A ceremony is held in an equally sacred setting where vows are spoken and blood is spilled as a representation of devoted love and a contractual relationship. The couple renounces their maiden surnames and are wed beneath a new one that symbolizes their new life and unity. Those who break vows and take new partners are deeply ostracized, and if children are born outside the marriage they are declared bastards and struggle to find their place.

When the love has finally extinguished, mates may forfeit their marriage by declaring a public spar to fight for freedom from the union. The victor may decide to leave or remain with their current mate. Outsiders are also known to declare these battles if they wish to fight for the right to steal a mate and oust their lover from their union. These rituals stem from the belief that if love is unified with blood -- only blood can break it.

When the light fades from the eyes of the living, it is customary to pay respects to the dead. A vigil is held in their memory and, depending on the traditions of the tribes, their body is prepared for burial, cremation, or a special last farewell.

Alpha Death
The death of an alpha is a loss that bares significant weight on both the tribe and realm. Their leadership is often regarded symbolic to that of the first mother; rising to a patron status to protect and educate their children to survive. When their death occurs, a phenomenon is known to strike known as Ahyoka’s Cry. A pang of breathless sadness, regardless of an Amarok’s witness or knowledge of the death, overcomes the tribe like an inescapable wave. It is a belief that Ahyoka mourns with them and as her sorrow bleeds into the earth the weather becomes irregular for a time resulting in raging storms or gentle warmth. *The chosen few amongst the tribe then escort the alpha’s body on a pilgrimage to a sacred burial ground for the revered fallen. The path to their final resting place is often riddled with dangers and hardships along the way, but as their leader sacrificed their life it is a common belief for the tribe to sacrifice their own in their alpha’s name.

Alpha Challenge
To challenge an Alpha’s claim is a move weighted with risk. While challenges may vary among the tribes, the rules are simple: win. The challenge is typically a public battle in which fights are often to the death, but if the victor feels merciful the loser is ousted from the tribe and branded with the Mark of the Outcast. The mark is a series of brutal afflictions given by the Alpha and tribe that severely scar various parts of the body as the outcast is chased from the tribe's lands.

Mark of the Outcast
Mark of the Outcast occurs when a tribe leader seriously maims/injures/scars a wolf which has committed a serious crime against a tribe. It is a tradition which is believed to have originated from the first wolves and is not a common practice in the tribes today. Many believe that maiming or scaring a wolf for life will teach that wolf humility and show to others that he/she is not to be trusted. As a result, many wolves that have been marked are not accepted into tribes.

sayings and phrases
“May Ahyoka be with you.”
— Ahyoka was a physical entity that led the natives of Alyeska into enlightenment; teaching them language, morals, herbology, etc. Thus, saying this to another wolf is similar to saying “safe travels” or “be careful on your journey.”

“First mother guide you.”
— This is similar to saying “May Ahyoka be with you” though, it is more thought of an expression which means “be smart” or “use your head” rather than a message in passing to travelers who may face difficult obstacles.

“May you cast yourself upon the river of no return.”
Wolves are the current dominant species of Into the White and can vary in size, coloration, and structure.

Dire Wolves
Dire wolves are the ancestral species of the common wolf today and no longer exist. They are often referred to as the first wolves and are believed to have been the ones to have met the first mother.

Starting out, your character should look like any wolf you would find in the wild, with the exception of some minor play on colors. However, there is a limitation on two specific colors that no character should ever be. Solid white and black wolves are specifically reserved for the albino and melanistic gene and may not be played without possessing said gene.

Players are allowed to create characters with whatever eye colors they please. However, there are three colors we restrict which are white, black, and red eyes. These colors are specifically reserved for mutated wolves and are either earned through ic encounters or birth. As well, pupils must not be any abnormal shape unless earned through an ic encounter or birth.

Characters may not have any abnormal markings that are not normally found on wolves. Striping, dappling, and marbling are examples of what would not be allowed whereas dorsal stripes, masks, stockings, etc. are examples of what are allowed.

Characters are subjected to gain any mutation (as well as elements/curses/etc.) listed in the shop at random. Yet, characters will rarely be given the privilege to start with these mutations. Instead, they must be gained through IC encounters. This can affect the character in different ways which is mainly controlled by the player.

Wolves categorized as behemoth are similar in size to the dire wolves, yet don't fully match their ancestral species in either height or weight. As a result of their massive size, behemoth wolves are cumbersome and slow and do not do well as scouts, hunters, etc. Instead, strength is something which comes easily to them and they would be more fitting as guards or sentinels or perhaps a task which doesn't require much movement.

Wolves categorized as large are not as massive as behemoth wolves nor are they as strong. They are larger and often stronger than the average wolf and do well as warriors and fighters. Yet, as a result to their large stature, they are slower moving and do not do especially well chasing down prey. Rather, they are better at dealing the final blow as other wolves have cornered the animal.

Most wolves fall under this category in size and do well in almost any task they seek to achieve. Wolves that fall under this category are mostly exceptional in endurance and stealth, but it is not uncommon for wolves of this size to even be quick on their feet or possess a seemingly unnatural strength.

Wolves at this size are thought to be at a severe disadvantage in combat and are usually quicker and lighter on their feet than other wolves. If done correctly, wolves of this size may be able to utilize their light and more agile bodies to thwart enemies in spars and battle, using quick and sudden blows rather than facing their opponent head on.

Pygmy wolves are similar in size to children or young adolescents and never fully grow into the body of an adult. As a result, many believe pygmy wolves to be unintelligent, but this is far from the case. Instead Pygmy wolves are highly intelligent and often outwit their opponents in spars and battle.
Ethyr does not belong within the mortal plane.

It is an entity which dwells within a parallel realm, where the living dare not venture. It is not stagnant to one form and neither does it exist in a singular place. Ethyr does not possess the capacity for emotion or empathy — in a sense, ethyr is the foundation of nature. It is what allows the rivers to flow and the trees to grow until their limbs are one with the skies.

But now, ethyr flows freely within the realm of the living. The rivers still flow, but they do so rapidly and with a cold unbearable to drink or touch. The seasons have dwindled into a dull and lifeless winter that never relents.

Ethyr has become a plague.

Not only does it rampage freely within the earth, rivers, and skies -- but within the people that dwell within Alyeska as well. It is a plague that surrounds the country in a blizzard of white; one which knows no bounds to the life it takes.

Ethyr was released into the world when a cataclysmic event shook the land, tearing into the current realm and opening a door to the plane in which ethyr resides. Since then it has seeped into the world in unprecedented amounts and veiled the world in suffocating white. Though it comes in many forms, it has expanded into a border around Alyeska and the residents are trapped, unable to leave.
Coming soon!
Coming soon!
  1. In accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (US, 1998) this site does not allow members under the age of 13 to join.
  2. Into the White is rated 3-2-3 according to the RPG Rating system.
    • Swearing and mature language is permitted as well as graphic violence.
    • Light to average sexual content is permitted. However, all scenes of any sexual nature must fade into another scene, in some way shape or form.
    • Furthermore, threads containing any mature content must be flagged with "Mature."
  3. At ITW we like to discourage the idea of plotting out a character's events with other characters before they have happened. Instead, ITW encourages that plots and stories occur naturally through character interaction. This is the reason for the lack of a plotting board in the IC forums, though this rule is more flexible and those found plotting with other characters will not face any sort of punishment.
  4. If you don’t like a mature scene/subject, whether it be IC or OOC, refrain from reading the content. However, should it not be accordance with our rating system, please report such subject matter to staff.
  5. Timewise, two OOC weeks equals one single IC month.
  6. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Into the White is a writing community, and we expect others to enjoy themselves while developing their characters. We will not tolerate hatred towards anyone whether it be due to their individual, religious, political, or social beliefs.
    • As well, if an issue with another member should arise, please try to privately resolve this issue amongst yourselves before reporting the issue to staff.
    • Should anyone, whether it be a single person or group of people, persist at being problematic or make the community a toxic environment, site bans may be enforced for the better of the community.
  7. Any previous issues a member may have involving a previous forum rpg will not alter whether you are accepted to the site. Every person here will start with a clean slate regardless of past conflicts.
  8. Please refrain from taking IC drama and turning it into OOC drama. While we understand that members may have strong connections with their characters, a character's perception of an individual does not necessarily mean its player shares the same feelings/ideology as their character and vice versa. As well, things will inevitably happen to your character that may be out of your control — there is no halting the process or demolishing it. This is the “burden” that comes with writing with other people and cannot, under any circumstances, be avoided.
  9. While we admire those with artistic abilities it is not a requirement to possess them in order to roleplay with us. As well, you do not have to be incredibly advanced with your writing in order to be apart of the community. We want our community to be focused on developing characters and stories as well as character interaction above all else.
  10. Should someone make the mistake of stealing anything of any kind, whether it be content from Into the White, content from another forum rpg, codes, or art of any kind, sitewide bans may be enforced for any estimated amount of time.
  11. Into the White is a brand new role-playing website and staff are learning every day! No rule is set in stone, and we try to improve our members’ writing experience as much as we can! If you have a comment or suggestion, please feel free to inform any of our staff members or make a thread in the suggestion board.
  1. When first joining, be sure to register an Out of Character account in addition to your character’s account.
  2. You are only permitted to play one character per account.
  3. Usernames are limited to the first name of characters only. For example, if you have a character whose account you wish to register: John would be an acceptable username where John Smith would not be.
  1. When creating characters, please refrain from creating “godlike,” or in other words “perfect” characters. Every character should express both its flaws as well as strengths. This, in turn, makes each character especially unique without being physically or mentally adept.
  2. Please do not create fan-based characters from a comic/book/etc. While it is fine to be inspired by certain characters and pieces of literature, we do not want a spitting image of Khaleesi and/or Kahl Drogo. As well, please refrain from doing so of other characters you may come across on forum rpgs, whether it be on ITW or another site.
  1. Your first reference image must be the realistic version of your character regardless if you make plans on mutating your character/if your character becomes a strain. You may provide a second reference image on your profile, in the provided profile field, so long as a realistic version is firstly provided.
  2. Appearances must contain the realistic version of your character regardless if your character has mutated (or is a strain). If your character has mutated, explain in detail how, when, and where your character mutated in the mutation profile field.
  3. A detailed explanation of your characters different strengths/weaknesses is required in your profile.
  1. All characters are required to post at least once every OOC month or be subjected to fall into the inactive group and must reapply to the site in order to post again (to avoid this, see rule 3 below).
  2. Tribe leaders are required to post a minimum of three posts every OOC month. If a tribe leader is unable to make this prerequisite, they are subjected to either be overthrown or have a co-alpha/beta to lead in their stead until the player of that character returns. Anything is subjected to change when a tribe leader is unavailable, should the player post within the absence thread or not.
  3. If you are absent for any determined amount of time, you must make sure to notify both the staff as well as the community within the absence thread. If you do not, your character can be subjected to be withdrawn from positions of leadership and have others take their place or even be presumed to have left the tribe.
  1. We do not have a word-count requirement for IC posts, but we do expect that each post be at least two solid paragraphs, each paragraph consisting of five to six sentences.
  2. If you reply to a thread, it is highly recommended that you reach the word count of those to have posted before you. The only time where it is required is if all parties within the thread have agreed to a minimum word count.
  3. Liquid time is allowed in all threads across the site. This means that you are not forced to post in a specific time or season. For example, if the site is currently set in fall players are free to create, and continue, simultaneous threads placed in past seasons (in this case, summer) or even future seasons (winter). Players utilizing liquid time should do so with caution, however, for we never know what the future holds.
  4. Godmodding, powerplaying, and meta playing are in no way acceptable here at ITW. The only exception may, in some cases, be slight powerplaying should players involved agree to it being done.
  1. The plot of the site revolves around the world being in a state of turmoil. As a result, characters are often at great risk against the elements, other wolves and as well, at risk to themselves. Anything can be gained as well as lost.

    However, ITW does not have absolute control over player’s characters. ITW will rarely determine what mutations/powers/diseases/strains a player's character may obtain without their permission. Furthermore, under no circumstances will ITW ever decide to kill a player's character; that alone is solely up to the player.
  2. If a player’s character were to fall inactive it would still possess their items and will remain there in the future, regardless if you make plans on returning to our rping world or not. The only time a character and/or character items may be “sacrificed” will be in order to develop sidewide plots further.

    For example, if a player’s character were to somehow gain a magically enchanted item in their possession and that said item was used to cure characters afflicted with a current disease or curse in order to progress the current sitewide plot -- we will allow an active character to either a) take the item away from your inactive character via post or b) stumble upon it after your character somehow misplaced it.
  3. Mutations/powers/diseases/strains can only be obtained randomly through ethyr.
  4. The mutations/powers/diseases/strains a player wants their character to possess can be determined through the wishlist provided on their profile. However, it is randomly selected which of those items in the wishlist will be given to the character. Though, the character can determine how the item will negatively or positively affect them. Should the wish list be left blank, staff will select what that character should obtain for them.
At ITW we use a three-strike method to reprimand those who may break any rules on-site.
  1. Warning / Should a player have made a minor offense or perhaps, are new and have accidentally broken one of our rules; staff may be obliged to give you a warning rather than a strike.
  2. Strike 1 / Should a player have broken a major rule or have been given multiple warnings pertaining to any subject, it may result in their first strike; where a 24 hour ban will follow.
  3. Strike 2 / If a player has been given multiple warnings, as well as their first strike and still persist at being problematic, they will be given their second strike which results in a 3 month ban.
  4. Strike 3 / Players who have broken many rules and are otherwise toxic to the community as a whole, may be given a third strike, where a 5 month ban will follow.
  5. Permaban / Permabans are not lightly given to any person, regardless of what they may have done. Usually permabans are given to players who have repeatedly created problems for the community and makes no plans of ever stopping. This cannot be tolerated on ITW when our main goal is to have a warm, welcoming environment where writers and artists alike can congregate without worry of others not accepting them.
Game Mechanics
Due to the falling, Alyeska has plummeted into an arctic winter. As a result, Alyeska’s seasons are reminiscent to that of the arctic landscape within northern Canada. There are only two seasons within Alyeska: spring and winter. Spring signifies the beginning of a new year and last June - September while winters last longer from October - May. Weather within Alyeska is the opposite of temperate and snowstorms can happen well into spring.

Having pups can lead to serious complications for both the mother and the pups. As a result, mothers will often need to stay close to their dens and have the aid of a sister or close friend when birthing their pups. The nature of how difficult birthing pups will be for a mother (as well as the number/strength/size/etc. of the pups) is all randomly decided by staff.

Obtaining a Litter
  1. Both parents must be at least 2 years old in order to successfully conceive pups.
  2. To have a litter of pups, the site requires that both the mother and father have been on the site for a minimum of one OOC month.
  3. When the one month requirement is met, parents are required to have at least three completed threads in order to legitimize their pregnancy (threads before the prerequisite is met will not count).
  1. Due to the nature of ITW’s plot mothers will often produce weak or sickly litters. Rarely will there ever be a completely healthy litter of pups born on site, regardless of circumstance.
  2. Wolves within a tribe may produce up to a litter of five pups, where loners may only produce a litter up to three.
  3. Pups will inherit the genes of their mothers and fathers and rarely will they look apart from them. Furthermore, any disease the mother may carry during the pregnancy can pass on to their pups as well as any mutations that either mother and father may possess during conception.
  4. The pregnancy of mothers must be recorded IC for at least 2 - 2.5 months and liquid time cannot be utilized.
  5. The process of birth can be a very risky situation for the mother and they should stay near where they are denning. However, this is not a requirement.
Strength / Endurance / Agility / Intellect / Ethyr

At Into the White players may gain XP for their characters by completing various quests/threads. They may then apply their XP to various skills they wish their character to advance in. However, ethyr is the only skill which is limited and players may not choose to level their characters in ethyr unless they have obtained a curse or element through IC events. Depending on the different skills a character specializes in will determine how well a character may do in pvp/quests/etc.

To further explain, should a character possess these levels in their skills:
10 strength / 10 endurance / 10 agility / 10 Intellect / 0 Ethyr

And participate in a pvp thread with a character that possesses these levels in their skills:
5 strength / 5 endurance / 5 agility / 5 intellect / 0 Ethyr

The first character is more likely to win a pvp match over the less experienced character. Though, each thread is circumstantial and depending on which skill a character utilizes over the other can lead them to win pvp matches/quests.

Players must play their characters in accordance to the level of health presented on their profiles. Often, health is reduced when characters either loose pvp matches, are inflicted with disease, or are even malnourished. Staff will change a character's health should they be faced with injuries as well as should they heal from these injuries. Players must continue to play their character in accordance to their health until it is updated by staff.

Players may utilize npc (non-playable characters) in order to help advance their character in player made stories and plots. This is especially helpful if a player does not wish to harm/maim/seriously injure another player’s character in order to advance their story. However, these threads are limited to one every OOC month and must meet a word requirement of 750 words. It will later be decided by staff whether the thread is approved to advance a character's story based on the content and character levels/experience. Only after it is approved may a character continue the thread and have others reply to said thread.

Quests are character based event’s that can be redeemed for XP for players to spend on their character’s levels. What a character earns may only be used by that character and cannot, under any circumstances, be transferred to either another IC account or OOC account. Those found doing so will have all XP removed from all accounts where they have done so and cannot be redeemed.

All quest threads must be completed in order to obtain XP. Partial XP may be redeemed for uncompleted, dead, or inactive threads.

Spars are considered friendly fights or matches that characters may participate in to further train their bodies for when they may be put into a situation where they are fighting other characters during raids or battles.

  • + Characters gain 3 XP for participating in spars.
  • + Characters gain 5 XP for winning spars.

Hunting is a group effort where wolves will track and kill other animals to provide themselves or their tribe with sustenance.

  • + Characters gain 3 XP for participating in a hunt.
  • + Characters gain 5 XP for being successful in a hunt.

Claims are not generally a common day to day occurrence, but in raids a character may “claim” an item or even a wolf. These claims may be challenged however, either by the wolf being claimed or by an onlooker wishing to have the item and/or wolf for themselves.

  • + Characters gain 3 XP for participating in claims.
  • + Characters gain 5 XP for winning claims.
  • + Characters gain 3 XP for thwarting claims.

It is common practice for wolves to challenge their partner if they no longer wish to be in a union or for another wolf to challenge their partner for them.

  • + Characters gain 3 XP for participating in a divorce spar.
  • + Characters gain 5 XP for winning a divorce spar.

Rank Challenge
Rank Challenges are risky, but do not have as devastating results as an Alpha Challenge might have. They are mostly similar to spars, but an Alpha overseeing the challenge may allow the winner to oust the loser from the tribe or even lowering the losers rank to Omega.

  • + Characters gain 5 XP for participating in a rank challenge.
  • + Characters gain 5 XP for winning a challenge.
  • + Characters gain 10 XP for defending a challenge.

Maims occur when a character wishes to permanently mark or disable another character without killing them. They may maim a character my ripping out a character's tongue/blinding them/leaving a permanent scar/etc.

  • + Characters gain 5 XP for participating in maims.
  • + Characters gain 10 XP for successfully completing maims.
  • + Character gain 5 XP for thwarting maims.

Alpha Challenge
Alpha Challenges are risky endeavors and those to lose the challenge can be ousted from the tribe, maimed, or even killed.

  • + Characters gain 10 XP for participating in an alpha challenge.
  • + Characters gain 15 XP for winning an alpha challenge.
  • + Characters gain 10 XP for defending an alpha challenge.

Raids occur when a tribe gathers together and attacks an enemy tribe and steals food, supplies, and even other wolves. Raids aren’t defined as a battle to kill and destroy, rather a battle to pillage and take resources/wolves through means of force.

  • + Characters gain 5 XP for fleeing a raid.
  • + Characters gain 15 XP for participating in a raid.
  • + Characters gain 25 XP for participating in a winning raid.
  • + Characters gain 25 XP for defending and winning against a raid.

Natural Disasters
Blizzards and famine are just some examples of the many natural events/disasters that occur on site. Often, they can push characters to do many horrific things they ordinarily wouldn't do. This makes surviving these natural disasters one thing and surviving from others as they occur, an entirely different feat.

  • + Characters gain 5 XP for participating in a site wide natural event/disaster.
  • + Characters gain 10 XP for surviving a site wide natural event/disaster.
  • + Characters gain 15 XP for attempting to raid/attack/maim/kill as a result of a side wide natural event/disaster.
  • + Characters gain 25 XP for successfully raiding/attacking/maiming/killing as a result of a side wide natural event/disaster.
  • + Characters gain 35 XP for successfully fending off a raid/attack/maim/death(s) as a result of a site wide natural event/disaster.

Disease is a common occurrence on site and characters afflicted with disease will be able to redeem XP. As well, those who are willing to heal or find a cure to a new disease are at great risk at being afflicted themselves and as a result will be given a high reward in XP.

  • + Characters gain 5 XP for being afflicted with disease.
  • + Characters gain 10 XP for discovering a new disease.
  • + Characters gain 20 XP for attempting to heal a disease.
  • + Characters gain 45 XP for successfully finding a cure to a disease.

Beast Encounters
Often there are strange, unknown, and unnamed beasts that prowl the forests of Alyeska; killing game, destroying forests, and even attacking wolves. Characters may come across signs of a beast's presence by discovering these disturbances and then bring this information to the nearest tribe where a tribe leader may decide whether to take action based on the evidence provided. Finding these creatures is a very lengthy process and characters may need to participate in many threads (which may last 2 - 3 IC weeks) before successfully finding the creature, which is not guaranteed. If they do manage to find the creature, they may decide to either chase the creature away or attempt to kill it, which comes with it’s own risks.

  • + Characters gain 15 XP for discovering a beast through tracks/carrion/etc. within their vicinity.
  • + Characters gain 25 XP for participating in tracking down a beast.
  • + Characters gain 25 XP for successfully finding a beast.
  • + Characters gain 25 XP for attempting to chase off a beast.
  • + Characters gain 35 XP for chasing off a beast.
  • + Characters gain 35 XP for attempting to fight a beast.
  • + Characters gain 65 XP for slaying a beast.