I breath Frost and Desolation [Event]
Blizzard Event
It had come once again, the snow, the frost, the cold. It always came. When had the last time come to pass when they had known the gentle warmth of spring, and the prosperity of a deep summer? They were nothing more than broken promises, taken away from them by the great shadow that was the ethyr. An alien that snuffed out the sun, leaving only desolation and shadow in its wake. When the gales came in from all directions, Alyeska stood still, hunkering down, trying futilely to keep from freezing to death. By the time the storms would pass, the snow would lay meters thick, and many lives would be snuffed out.

The Riverlands. Perhaps one of the only places left to offer some sort of reprieve from the white was under siege. The gentle hills lay engulfed, slowly being devoured by whiteout, bullets hailing down from the mountains. The rivers froze in their beds, icy, deadly paths cutting like shards of broken glass down the knolls, the evergreen trees ripped and torn into with a vengeance. The wood groaned, mighty trunks hundreds of years old bent like stalks of grass against the gales, the blinding howls stealing away sound, making the world deaf to the anything else. Without sight, without sound, without smell, everything was consumed into the vacuum. 

The White had invaded for a time, stealing away those precious days where the herds fed on the plains. Their numbers many fled against the coming continued storm, shadows in the blizzard, fleeing back towards their grounds to safety. The shrieks of hidden monsters sounded in the distance, drowned out by a far greater monster.

OCC: Let's have some fun survival gameplay folks. This here is a weather event (mixed in with a number of horrors you can stumble across) that anyone can participate in. Time to be good lil guinea pigs and test out some of the game mechanics here. Let's do this fast and furious to get it completed hopefully before the official opening. You may possibly see some new things in here that our poor lil children are discovering for the first time ;D
The ice fell on a harsh slant, striking against stone and flesh like shards of hot metal, leaving his fur awrithe in sensations of hollow tingling and numbing chill. There was little they could do in this weather, other than flee. It was a mockery to their survival, yet another trial placed before them in a sea of conflict, always at odds with the world. It seemed Alyeska cared not whether her children thrived or perished, always kneeling before the will of the White, the unknown mysteries of its solemn land spilling forth like a disease across the land. The Riverlands had always been plentiful this time of year, a few moons perchance of peace, where the wolves could gather and feed on the herds that always came. It was the one time, in the one place, that no one starved, a time of peace offered to those who were so wary every other hour of the year, the endless dark and cold leeching color and joy from those trapped in misery. One did not live in Alyeska, they merely survived.

A feat Mikhael, Duranos, had long come to master. They were no stranger to this violent, terrible weather. The North breed them in her womb, the terrible weight of a hundred league clouds rising high upon her peaks,  hanging there like like spitting monsters in their caves, only to barrel down in unpredictable cruelty. The North was an old land, yet, it always appeared new when the snows peeled away. New trees, slender and so fragile, torn away with each storm that came. The plains fertile when for once, but for just a moment, they were freed from by the thaw. This storm however, it was the devil, a cruel gathering of chaotic energy in the sky, birthed in the foul ethyr. Given unnatural wings, it tore into the territories of the West, layering the budding green in white. Burying it, killing it. There would be nothing to celebrate in its passing. Most of all, the loss of the herds.

His people had left their lands for no other reason than this moment, this promise of the hunt, this promise of survival when the winters threatened to steal the weak away, the old and young nearly at an end. The hunters, exhausted from their endless search for food that just was not there. That final stretch of winter was madness, the true test of their mettle. And they had made it, their wary bodies given miraculous energy at the signs of the herds moving over the Pass. The first elk had just fallen as the snow began to flurry. And now, what remained of beast, mere scraps of unusable hide, a broken skull, laid long forgotten in its grave. Standing sentinel, Mikhael gazed out through the whiteout, his great body standing above Coretta, shielding her in what little way he could from the frigid winds. Scattered about the Duranos wolves laid in nests of snow, insulated in the valleys of ripples left in the snow. His snout laid pressed against his chest, each breath quick, agony at the jolt that rippled through his lungs, frost lacing his fur, threatening to seal his eyes shut with every blink. 

Coretta Rune
Winter, Year One
OOC: Still trying to figure out how I want to write her, bear with me<3

The weather was unforgiving. Practically stamping death to anyone who walked through the woods and the plains, deeming them fit to die a cold and lonesome death. The land of Alyeska was rarely ever merciful, Coretta knew this and so did her brother Mikhael. In fact, before they had trained for moments like this. To travel in weather so harsh and jarring that only the finest wolves could survive. And while she stuck close to her brother’s looming form, in ways using his own body as her shield, Coretta wondered if she would make it. If her body had what it took to survive the rough sleet and snow.

She could feel her own energy dwindling. Her adrenaline, powered by her own fear, waning just as quickly as it had come to her in the first place. She could even feel her body growing considerably more numb through the seconds that passed as the cold snow hit her figure like a freight train. Her blue eyes squinted and narrowed as she lowered her head against the lowers side of her brother’s figure, hiding her face from the brutal weather.

Coretta had little idea of where they’d be going. On what his plan was. But without even an idea of how to escape a situation such as this, she reluctantly followed him. Her paw steps growing stiff as she moved and her body feeling heavier and heavier as she walked. They needed to find shelter. She needed to find shelter. Didn’t he know that? “We…Need to turn back, Mikhael!” She called out to him from behind, her voice practically disappearing through the screaming wind. She doubted he would listen, but she had to at least try. The weather was only going to get worse and Coretta wanted to live.


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