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Have profile word count limit match RP posts + remove RP sample
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Have profile word count limit match RP posts + keep RP sample
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Lower profile word count limit to 200 words + remove rp sample
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Lower profile word count limit to 200 words + keep rp sample
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Keep profile word count at 300 + remove RP sample
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Keep profile word count at 300 + keep RP sample
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Profile match word count limit + scenario response where staff responds to an application with a random scenario that players have to respond to with their character
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Profile Word Limit + Application RP Samples
Quote:-slides in and takes a deep breath- 
Okay here me out on this.

I think the issue with ITW's slow beginning is the fact that there's an RP sample needed when you first enter ITW. There's only currently 3 characters who are approved, two of them being from the same person. 

Now I've seen issues with word counts time and time again, often from my experience it puts a lot of pressure on people to complete that word count for posting or creating characters. I've personally left sites and communities I've loved because I felt overwhelmed with the word count when posting. It was simply too much pressure for me as a person to continue roleplaying on a site that asks you to post a 'fresh new' roleplay sample or a word count for posting unless it's for a character you've adopted. 

Most people who I've talked to and roleplayed with for years, usually perfer to not be around sites in which can pressure them at the very beginning to give them 'a quality post with at least 200 or 300 words'. They just want to be able to jump right into the setting and roleplay their characters. What I mean is the following in the character application form:
"However, do keep in mind that what the player decides is an acceptable word count for their rp sample, can alter whether or not they are accepted into the site."
This can put a lot of pressure on someone to make the best RP sample they can give, and that can take time, or it can drive someone who wishes to join the site away because they feel like they can't meet the requirements that it takes for their character to be accepted no matter how hard they try. I understand that the RP sample is so protect the quality of written content within the community but more often than not, I've seen people who surpass the quality most advanced sites give out in sites with no word count simply because the person is enjoying the roleplay they're in heavily. If someone enjoys a roleplay or has an idea of them, they're willing to write that 300+ worded post without a rule around to force with.

Advanced roleplaying sites don't generally meet the same standards as most people in the RP community want today, which is a roleplay site which is easy for them to get into and roleplay. I'm guessing that most of us are adults with schedules for work, college and such. So it might make things difficult to actually roleplay when there's something other than their characters needing approval barring them from doing so. 

I'm not saying to change the word count or changing the writing quality of the site but what I'm saying is that it might be a bit harder for the site to kick start during open beta when the RP sample is needed, unless, you can use RP samples you've given from previous sites because if that's the case happily ignore me lmao.

So yeah that's all I have to say so -quietly slides away-

This is a suggestion made by @Eevee that needs to be reviewed by the community.

Currently, there is not a word count requirement in IC posts. The only requirement we have for IC posts is that they are at least 2 paragraphs and that players mirror posts if requested by those participating in the thread.

Profile fields have a word requirement of 300 words and also requires players flesh out a character's strengths/weaknesses (though this does not have to be overly detailed and bullet points will suffice). 

There is also an RP sample required for new members to complete. Although, there is not a word requirement listed, a statement within the character form sets a precedent that pressures players to provide their very best writer in order to have their character accepted on site. Players are free to use old posts as their rp samples.

The question is: Should the word requirement in profiles be lowered or be taken out all together? We can make "word requirements" the same as IC posts and only request that players fill out their profiles with a minimum of two paragraphs or just lower the word count to 200 words.

Should RP samples stand as they are or should they be removed from the Character Application form altogether?

If you would like to offer your input on this matter please do so within this thread! We would like to have everyone's opinion on this subject and come to a fair conclusion that makes things more enjoyable on the site for everyone!
I admit that I don't fully understand the idea of a prompt for the sample, but if an RP sample remains required maybe it would be a good idea to have several prompts for members to choose from if they wish to write something new for their sample instead of recycling something?
I just want to say that the way you handled this on discord made me have a lot of faith in you guys as a staff team and I'm super happy to be a member of this site and this community because of it. You handled it very maturely and I heavily HEAVILY appreciate it not as a member of this community: but as someone who's ran their own communities before.

I have to only say if RP samples were to be kept: I'd say a selection of prompts or staff posting a event reaction for you to reply with your character IC wise would really be wanted by my standards. My suggestion was mostly to help improve the growth of the community based on experiences that I've seen. I want ITW to last more than a year or a few months. So seeing that the way you handled this well gives me faith on it's growth.

I believe that the profile word count for appearance and personality should be lowered at least, but history should be kept the same in order to promote developing your character more. A character's backstory can be important, so I don't mind/feel pressured to have a word count in that area.

So that's all I really have to say LOL.
I'd say lower the profile requirements to 200, remove the rp sample, and add a min. word count to posts.

My reasoning:

With the profiles the main bits that really need explaining is personality and history. With the personality, you have basically three sections to fill out with the weaknesses and strengths. Those weaknesses and strengths are going to tell you a lot about a character (as long as they aren't all physical related but even then it show you this wolf is more prone towards physique then maybe say gathering knowledge on survivalism or knowledge on plants and their uses.

With the rp sample I think it's being a lil bit... picky on the type of rpers we are expecting. I have always seen Rp samples as this scrutiny on how a person writes. It comes down to what are you trying to get out of the person by making them write up something before they are excepted. Instead of the rp sample, maybe put up a required minimum post count. Maybe not something really large, maybe like 150, 200 words kind of deal so they are still giving posts that are 'beefy' enough to give adequate descriptions and dialogue but also its not too difficult to meet when you just wanna have fun quite plot development threads.
I love prompts. Love. Them. Random event prompt? Mmmm. RP sample prompt so I don't have to think too hard? Delicious.

Gimmie a fresh prompt for each of my characters and I'll love you forever.

Trying to think up an RP sample without having experienced the site yet? Very hard! Possible, kinda fun, but very difficult and can often turn people off. Then again, people could recycle old posts from old sites... I find it easier to write a brand new thing as a manner to take my first swing in a setting/with a new character, but that's me.

I don't think anything needs to change with the profiles though.
Into the White is introduced as such: "Welcome to Into the White! We are an advanced to literate, fantasy canine rpg."

Advanced to literate is the key point in this statement. This means those who RP on ItW should be advanced or literate, or at least very close to those standards. An RP sample is to ensure that those wanting to join ItW are up to par with the advanced to literate theme. Therefore necessary. I truly don't understand the huge deal with the RP sample being part of the application, if I'm being honest? Many of the RP samples posted already have been massive and incredibly well written and these have been done upon their own free will? There is no word to force someone to write some novel - it can be a mere two paragraphs if you find yourself unable to write much more.

As someone who rarely ( if ever ) makes starter posts, I understand it's hard. But it's not impossible, nor hard enough to warrant the entire removable of a very sensible and relaxed requirement. If it stresses one out to write an RP sample, perhaps an RP site isn't the best place to be? 

However I still stand by my suggestion of prompts. Not because I think it's impossible to write a sample, but because I believe it would be fun and it would completely remove any excuse one could have for not writing a sample.

And I don't think there is much wrong with the profile limit either, but I'm not as opposed to that being changed so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Another point to make: RP Samples in their current state are only required for new players and is not needed every time a player makes a new character. Smile
I think now is a good time to come to a conclusion with this issue!

Although, the majority voted for the profile word limit to match the word limit and posts + staff providing a prompt for players to respond to, we ultimately decided to search for a middle ground to try and please everyone across the site. The new rules will be:

- Word Requirements for profile fields (appearance/personality/history) must be a minimum of 2 paragraphs.
- Strengths/Weaknesses must now be fully fleshed out, each bullet point containing a few sentences, explaining a character's strength/weakness.
- Players will be able to choose between providing an RP sample or choose to be given a prompt, which will be randomly decided by staff.
- RP Samples/Prompts are only required when players are joining the site for the first time, and must be a minimum of 2 paragraphs or 200 words.
- Players may continue to recycle old posts for their RP samples, if they choose to go that route.

I hope this is a fair middle ground on this issue and that everyone is happy with it! If there are any concerns please let me or the other staff members know and we can try to make adjustments!
Thank you all for giving your input!! I'm really starting to love you all <33

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